Ecological Footprint

A conference with minimum ecological footprint

The organisers and volunteers of NPC 2016 strongly believed in practicing what was being preached at the Convergence. The desire to implement the three permaculture ethics of care for earth, care for people and sharing of resources translated into the following practical measures:

  • All materials used for food, water and other purposes were reusable or bio-degradable
  • A large quantity of organic food (grains and vegetables) were sourced from local organic farmers, which was used for the meals at the event.
  • Waste was segregated at source. Wet waste was partly used for composting and the rest was delivered to a piggery nearby
  • Participants were informed in advance to bring their own bottles, napkins etc. There was zero presence of bottled water.
  • Most participants were housed in hostels within the campus which reduced the need for extensive transport facilities.
  • Dried seeds and plants from farms, bamboo baskets and earthen pots were used for decoration and there was no use of fresh flowers and bouquets.
  • The inaugural ceremony involved sowing of seeds by the guests which was symbolic of sowing seeds of change and nurturing the same.
  • All banners were made on cloth and many of them were hand-painted avoiding the need for printing and paper as much as possible.
  • Soaps used in dining area and washrooms were produced with natural materials and supplied by ‘Ancient Living’.